Guest house

The guest house offers accommodation for groups up to 100 people.

Viesu nams double numuriņš

There are single, double and triple rooms.

All rooms have wood furnishings. Rooms have wireless internet access Wi-Fi, some have TV with cable channels.

One child under the age of 2 years, with an additional cot can be accommodated free of charge.

Viesu nams double numuriņš ar papildus gultu

All rooms are with all the amenities, each room has a private bathroom with a shower.

Viesu nams duša numuriņā


Single room - 40 EUR per night
Double / Triple room - EUR 50 per night
The large room (approx 20 people) - 200 EUR per night

Additional beds - 10 EUR per bed.

Viesu nams trīsvietīgs numuriņš ar papildus gultu


Check availability and make a booking online

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Or contact Supervisor by phone